Journey School Store: The Oak and The Acorn

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The Oak and the Acorn Store is graciously run for the Journey School Foundation by Journey parents Johanna Southard, Ruth Scott, and Brad Southard.  April Poggi and Shalimar Little have also stepped in to serve as cashiers and help the store with other duties.

  • 100% of profit from products ordered from outside vendors to be sold in the store goes to the Journey School Foundation to support Journey School.

  • Baked goods are donated by parents.
  • Handmade items are taken on consignment and 30% of the sales price goes to the Foundation.

The Journey School Store’s mission is to promote the school’s core principles and values. Helpful books and inspiring gifts will be available for purchase.

All proceeds from the store will support Journey School through the Journey School Foundation.

An array of natural and handmade goods aligned with Waldorf education and Journey School community values are offered for sale at the store. Some of the items for sale include:

  • Waldorf school supplies
  • Waldorf-inspired craft and art supplies
  • Natural and handmade toys and gifts
  • Natural products for home and health
  • Waldorf-inspired parenting, education, and crafting books
  • Age-level and curriculum-appropriate books for children

Coffee, tea and baked goods are available in the store cafe, as well as outdoor space for parents to gather.

If you are interested in selling your Waldorf-inspired, handmade, and/or natural products on a consignment basis through the store, please contact, for more information.


Tuesday-Friday 8:30am – 1:30pm

Store Contact Information
E-mail: store@journeyschool.netStore website: