President’s Message

On behalf of the Journey School Council, I would like to welcome the entire Journey School Community back from what we hope and trust was a great summer for all.  We, as a Council, are looking forward to a groundbreaking school year and are already at work with the school’s administration to make it so.

We are blessed to have put together a council that features a fantastic mix of individuals.  Our team includes thought-leaders who have been with the school from day one, parents personally invested in the continued growth of Journey, and professionals from various business and educational sectors who add invaluable insight to the decision process. We also want to take this opportunity to express the enormous gratitude we have for our wonderful teachers, the lifeblood of our school.  The commitment they have to the well being and growth of our students is exemplary and we look forward to partnering with them all during the upcoming school year.

I am sure you agree with me that Journey is an extraordinary place, so by definition, as a Journey community member, you are not someone who is going to settle for the status quo.  And because of that, we are continuously working with the administration and teachers to provide a unique and one-of-a-kind experience for the student body.  My request to each and every one of you is to continue to be passionate about Journey and participate with us in any way you deem appropriate.  Like any person, thing or entity on the cutting-edge, the waters are going to get rough at times, but if we keep our energy positive and if we continue to trust each other and work together, we are capable of accomplishing the extraordinary.

We look forward to seeing you at school this fall and throughout the school year, and thank you for being part of our tremendous community!
Jon Kaplan