The Board of Directors is known as the Journey School Council (Council). The table that follows summarizes the major responsibilities of Council within the context of the seven principles.




Govern as Stewards -Uphold by-laws, Council Code of Conduct, operating principles, and other policies-Develop, review and approve policies
Establish Organizational Purpose -Establish and uphold the school’s mission, vision, and core values-Support and promote the school-Build strategic alliances
Exercise Fiduciary Responsibility -Safeguard stakeholders‟ right to safety in the school-Safeguard the schools finances and property -Grow the schools resources

-Support and promote fundraising efforts

-Ensure legal and financial stability

-Provide oversight or final approval of hiring, dismissal, job descriptions and employment agreements

-Provide oversight or final approval of expulsions

Delegate Authority and Ensure Accountability -Delegate authority to School Administrator-Ensure attainment of performance outcomes Maintain clarity of roles and responsibilities within the governance structure
Speak and Act as One -Uphold by-laws, charter, council code of conduct, operating principles, policies, and meeting agreements or normsRedirecting operational conversations to appropriate staffEnsuring Council business is done within the framework of Council meetings, as per applicable open meeting laws (e.g. Brown Act)
Do What Matters Most -Monitor school‟s progress on performance outcomes-Adopt Council policyOversee school financial health
Invest in Our Capacity -Engage in ongoing and focused professional development Schedule capacity-building opportunitiesRecruit and seat capable, qualified and diverse Council members

Evaluate Council‟s performance