8th Grade

Kerry Townley-Smith

Mrs. Kerry Townley-Smith can’t wait to return to Journey School to lead another 8th grade class. As a long time Journey School parent and educator, Mrs. Townley-Smith appreciates the wisdom that informs the unfolding Waldorf Curriculum:

“8th grade is such a wonderful time for the students to experience the Age of Revolution. As young teenagers, they are going through their own revolutions and can relate, in a very personal way, to the events of both the American and French Revolutions. Our rich history curriculum allows us to bring history alive for our students, with hands-on activities, artwork, creative writing, field trips, and plays. I look forward to teaching history every year.”

Mrs. T-S’s own children have been part of the school community for many years, and she has grown with the school from volunteer to Specialty Teacher to Main Class Teacher.  Mrs. T-S possesses a BA high honors degree in English from the University of Saskatchewan and has completed courses for her Master’s in the same subject. In addition, she has recently completed her California Multiple Subject Teaching Credential. As a life-long learner interested in making connections, Mrs. T-S especially enjoys teaching mathematics, music, English, and history in integrated and inspiring ways. As she looks ahead, Mrs. T-S reflects:

 “I look forward to working in partnership with parents and fellow teachers to provide extra support and enrichment opportunities for the students. I am particularly passionate about providing my students with a well-rounded education that they can really  dig into and be excited about. It is important to me that each one my students is well-prepared for high school and set up for life-long success.”