8th Grade

Kerry Townley Smith

Ms. Kerry Townley Smith can’t wait to return to Journey School to lead her blossoming students for another year as they pass through the Age of Inquiry, Enlightenment and Renaissance.  According to Ms. Kerry:

“My students have grown this year in every way. They have gained a lot of confidence as individuals and as learners.  I want to see them blossom even more by taking that confidence and putting it to good use. From an academic standpoint, I am personally excited about teaching next year’s Creative Writing Block as well as all the rich history.” 

As a long time Journey School parent and educator, Ms. Kerry appreciates the wisdom that informs the unfolding Waldorf Curriculum:

“The age of the students in Grade 7 and their growing intellect make it such a perfect time to study the enlightenment.  I can use this period of time as analogy to show the students how school relates to their own lives and development.”

Ms. Kerry’s own children have been part of the school community for many years and she has grown with the school from volunteer to Specialty Teacher to Main Class Teacher.  Ms. Kerry possesses a BA high honors degree in English from the University of Saskatchewan and has completed courses for her Master’s in the same subject. As a life-long learner interested in making connections, Ms. Kerry feels especially adept at teaching mathematics, music, English, and history in integrated and inspiring ways.  As she looks ahead, Ms. Kerry reflects:

 “I look forward to working in partnership with parents to provide extra support and enrichment opportunities for the kids. I am particularly passionate about delivering a rigorous, relevant, and well-rounded education so each one my students is set up for high school and life-long success.”