Journey Alumni: Sophie

Alumni, Sophie graduated from Journey School in 2010 after attending for a decade—grades K-8.  Sophie is now a scholar-athlete at Carlsbad High School.  Below, Sophie reflects on Journey in her own words:

“I really appreciated how small the school was and how I could go into any classroom and know every kid in that class. It was like I was part of a giant family and I always knew people there really cared about me, especially the teachers.

All of my teachers at Journey knew my name and I felt as if they were not only my teachers but some of my best friends. Now, I am looking forward to starting my sophomore year at Carlsbad High School, my local public high school.

A main point of my academic focus at Journey was public speaking. I [now feel] completely prepared to get up in front of my classes in high school and give oral presentations because of all the practice I got at Journey. A huge help in this field were the 8th grade projects which are projects done during 8th grade that include an oral presentation given to your community and classmates about your chosen topic.

Although parents worry about their Journey kids not being prepared for public high school,  I believe that there is nothing for anyone to worry about. I felt completely prepared coming into high school and finished up my first semester with a 4.0.  I ended my second semester with a 3.8. I am really looking forward to my sophomore year and the AP history class I will be taking.

I also joined the Speech and Debate team last year and will be continuing with that this year, as well as Water Polo. I plan to join the club Best Buddies at my school this year. It is a club where you are paired up with a mentally or physically challenged student and you become their buddy. I am glad that I attended Journey School.  It really is special.”

Journey School Alumni Visit: Ellie &  Sophie, Emily, Calya and possibly other Journey Alumni will be at school this Wednesday, March 21 from 9:00 to 11:00 a.m. Why not drop by the staff lounge for a cup of coffee and to talk with the graduates during an informal roundtable? At least one long time Waldorf father will also share his perspective.