Ways You Can Give to Journey School

About Close the Gap:
State funding alone does not cover the cost of Journey School’s rich educational program. “Close the Gap” is a voluntary but critical parent pledge program that addresses the gap between public funding and the per student cost of our educational program. Click the button above to donate online. To donate by check or credit card, please click here to download our donation form. Read more >


About Journey School Foundation:
The mission of the Journey School Foundation is to support, sustain and grow Journey School. Journey delivers innovative, powerful programs built upon its core mission to make an integrated, whole-child education accessible in the public realm. Most schools that utilize this teaching methodology are prohibitively expensive for middle-class families. Journey, as part of a larger movement of over 1,000 schools, strives to make this transformative education accessible to all. Read more >


Journey School is tuition-free and donation dependent.