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The School Motto

The School Motto is important because it captures the essence of the school’s educational philosophy. The School Motto dates back to the inception of the school, when our founders affirmed that: “Education is a journey, not a race.”

While fully integrated with California State Standards, Journey School adheres to an educational philosophy rooted in a:

  • Developmental approach.
  • Hands-on, creative, Steiner-inspired educational program.
  • Classical, innovative, and renaissance-type curriculum.
  • Strong sense of community and compassion.
  • High degree of parent participation.
  • Close long-term relationship with teachers.
  • Cooperative learning experience.
  • Strong focus on respect, responsibility and rigor.

Graduates will move forward on their lifelong journey equipped with an enthusiasm for learning, the courage to meet life’s challenges, and the confidence in knowing that their full faculties have been well cultivated.