Governance and Executive Structures


Journey School is governed by its own Board of Directors (BOD) comprised of highly qualified members dedicated to the mission of the school. The BOD is the exclusive governing body of the charter school and is responsible for ensuring student and organizational success. The BOD delegates authority to the Executive Team and holds its members accountable for achieving the school’s mission and charter outcomes.


The School Director, Gavin Keller, leads the school on a daily basis by ensuring successful learning, effective teaching, and a safe and inspiring learning environment. The Director also leads the disciplinary program, answers pressing questions from parents, and resolves pressing concerns when direct communication with teachers is inadequate.

Journey’s Education Director, Shelley Kelley, coaches main lesson and specialty teachers on a daily basis to ensure educational excellence for every student. Mrs. Kelley observes all classes on a regularly basis—providing specific and timely instructional feedback to every teacher. The Education Director also focuses attention on Compassionate Campus (which includes civics classes and disciplinary pathways), Eco-literacy, and Special Education improvements.