Hoping to Make a Difference in the World – Alumni Emily

(Photo from alumni visit: Sophie, Ellinoa, Emily, and Grace)

Emily G. attended Journey School for five years—graduating in 8th grade from Ms. Bennett’s class. Emily “easily transitioned” to Canyon Crest Academy in Northern San Diego County and just graduated early from high school with very high marks in rigorous courses.  In the fall, Emily will head off to Humboldt State University.

Emily’s favorite Journey memory goes back to the 7th grade camping trip in Cedar City, Utah.  According to Emily, “The class spent time in nature hiking together and doing all sorts of activities which required us to trust each other.   At night, we attended Shakespeare plays and stayed up late in the dorm rooms [when we were really supposed to be asleep ☺] and had innocent fun.  At that point, we had been together so long that it just felt like a perfect couple hours.”

When we spoke to Emily about the current budgetary crisis the school faces and asked for advice from a student perspective this is what she said, “Whatever you do…don’t cut the class trips—even if they have to be shortened.”

When we asked Emily about her biggest dream she responded by saying, “I want to make a difference in the world. I have been so blessed with such great family members, friends, Waldorf education, and a lucky life that I want to help other people…to change a community…or just someone’s life.  That’s why I’m considering going into social work.”

Emily feels very appreciative for her class teacher, specialty teachers, and loved working on her 8th grade project—a cutting edge film about the environment which received countywide recognition back in 2008.  When we asked Emily about how Journey School can get better she strongly asserted, “Stay the same.  Keep the real principles of Waldorf education alive.  I love charters because they are not elite schools but stay true to basic Waldorf principles.”