Cyber Civics: Information Literacy in 7th Grade

Students need information skills not just to get through school but also when immersed in their careers and in day-to-day living… I see incoming students whose academic research skills are abysmal. And throughout their lives students will continue to be bombarded by information from a variety of sources so they need to learn information discovery and assessment skills as part of their formal education.

             –Dawn Talbot, UC San Diego’s Digital Library Program (from A 21st Century Challenge: Preparing ‘Cut and Paste’ Students to be ‘Information Literate’ Citizens)

Year 2 of Cyber Civics focuses on “Information Literacy” or “the ability to find, retrieve, analyze, and use online information.” Current research shows that while young people seem incredibly tech-savvy, in actuality most know little about the core concepts of “information literacy.”

Although individual lessons to teach Information Literacy skills existed here and there, it was difficult to find a comprehensive, year-long curriculum. Which is why this one was created. It curates the best lessons from known, vetted sources and includes original new lessons to fill in the gaps. Like Year 1, it emphasizes ethical and critical thinking, discussion and decision-making through hands-on projects, problem solving activities, and role-play. It can be taught with or without technology.

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