Our Gardens

Our Campus Garden and Ecology Program includes: 
Our campus and classrooms foster ecological imagination, critical thinking, awareness of connections, innovative thinking and a good heart. 

Native Garden was founded in 2008 by Journey parents who were inspired to replace the front lawn with native, drought tolerant, indigenous plants.  Today the garden provides a beautiful entrance to the school as well as attracts butterflies, hummingbirds and bees.  It’s frequently used as a living classroom and gathering spot.   Additionally, the native garden provides an excellent living example of water conservation for students and the community.



Green Heart Garden is a living classroom for students, faculty, parents and the community.  It has eight planter boxes, a mini fruit orchard, a crop garden, compost bins, worm bins, herb garden and shaded meeting spaces.  It’s perfectly located in the heart of our school and it provides spaces for learning and connecting.  The Green Heart Garden was launched in 2009 by the generous support of Draft FCB providing service hours on the Global Giving Day and Jodi Levine of Earthroots Field School of the initial design and installation.  The garden’s success is dependent on the help of volunteer Journey parents, students, faculty and the community.  The garden is especially grateful to master gardener, Erik Katzmaier for his expertise, countless hours of service and dedication.



Sunny Patch in the Green Heart Garden is dedicated to growing edibles.



Kindergarten Garden is a natural playscape for children to connect with logs, sand pit, planter boxes, fruit trees, grassy yard and dirt mounds.


Third Grade Garden is for the students and their focus on farming, cooking and building.