Waldorf Teacher Training Program

Waldorf Teacher Training Program: Teachers are at the heart of any great school.  Journey School values its teachers tremendously; and, we understand we must support them in important ways.  We launched the Waldorf Master’s Degree/Certification program in partnership with Rudolph Steiner College in Spring 2011. To earn their graduate degrees, teachers spend about 3 weeks each summer at Rudolf Steiner College, along with year-round seminars, webinars, and weekend workshops at Journey School.

By Summer 2013, our teachers will graduate with an even deeper understanding of how to deliver public Waldorf education to children.  As a result, our students will thrive even more and Journey teachers will be uniquely positioned to become the next generation of Waldorf instructional leaders and teacher-teachers.  The vision, coming to fruition, is for Journey to become the premier, life-long learning center for public Waldorf Education in Southern California.  We are grateful to Rudolph Steiner College, the Journey School community, and our own Bonnie River for making this cutting-edge program possible.