Journey Alumni: Emily

Emily attended Journey School for eight years—two years of Kindergarten and Grades One through Six. Like her older sister Grace, Emily also attended La Paz Middle School for junior high school—earning all A’s as well as Valedictorian recognition. Emily also received an award for outstanding achievement in Drama and Theatre.

Emily is now a junior at Mission High School—carrying an approximate 3.5 GPA. Emily has a deep-seated passion for the creative arts—particularly literature, art, singing, and jamming on the guitar with her family.

Truth be told, Emily is “not a big fan” of the traditional high school experience. She looks forward to “trading it in for college.” Emily says she, “Really misses the feeling of…being taught and learning from engaged teachers with interested students.” This is what she loved most about Journey School—along with class plays, camping trips, Greek mythology, Pentathlon, Medieval Games, and nature-based activities.

Emily “firmly” believes every school “should be converted to a Waldorf inspired school.” Above, we catch a glimpse of Emily performing in one of many Journey plays.