Journey Alumni: Grady

Grady spent seven years at Journey School through sixth grade before heading straight to the Orange County High School of the Arts.  Grady is now a junior at OCHSA.  He specializes in Creative Writing.

When Grady thinks about Journey he really appreciates how personalized, intuitive, and attentive the learning process is made to feel.  To this date, his Journey math teacher, Tim Connolly, remains his all-time favorite math instructor. According to Grady, Mr. Connolly knew as a Waldorf teacher how, “To make the most difficult concepts seem so easy.  I was such a confident learner as my teachers gradually eased me into more complex learning and I didn’t even really realize it.”

Grady continued, “When I was about to transfer to a traditional school I thought they would be way ahead.  I was wrong.  I was ready for everything.  I was amazed and surprised.  Ms. Kubecki did a great job teaching us how to write in creative and academic ways.”

Grady feels, “prepared and ready to take on the world of work” largely because of the creative, artistic, and balanced education he got at Journey.  “The cool thing about Journey is it is an alternative. These days public education is pushing numbers and GPA solely. Journey is preparing students for life.  We do more than just competitive learning.  We become well rounded.” According to Grady, “Journey students are open-minded and easily adaptable.”

Grady has plans to become a writing or food critic after graduating from university.  He still loves playing the guitar and drums.  Grady is also passionate about writing songs and experimenting with his own prose. Grady has also volunteered at CAMP OCSHA in Santa Ana—a community outreach arts program intended to provide all students with access to creative expression. In addition, Grady teaches the fundamentals of writing to students who need an extra boost.  Grady carries an overall GPA of 3.86 and takes rigorous course work, including: AP Language and Trigonometry.