Journey Alumni: Tyler W.

Tyler W. graduated from Journey’s 8th grade in 2011.  Tyler attended Journey for four years, and is now a freshman at J Serra Catholic High School.

When Tyler was asked what he appreciated most about Journey School he said, “the school’s unique learning style, art, and the small family feeling.”  Tyler most cherished his, “Time spent with fellow classmates.  The camping trips were the best!
After graduation I really missed the closeness…”

When specifically asked what Journey could do even better, Tyler said he hit some initial bumps transitioning to high school in the first semester and that he might have benefited from even more specific study skills at Journey.  With a semester now under his belt, Tyler says he is, “Feeling much more confident now.  I have been in the fall theater production at my school and am proud of the role. “  Tyler thinks he, “Would not have had the confidence as a freshman to try out for drama if I had not been exposed to yearly productions at Journey.”

Tyler especially wanted to thank Ms. Kerry, “For being the best teacher I have ever had.”  Tyler would also like to thank [the staff] for, “Believing in me and trusting me to be a leader in my 8th grade year. Also, when we wanted to change our camping trip [the staff] listened and supported us.”