Journey School Parent University

Journey School is proud to announce a new look for Journey School’s parent education offerings : Journey School Parent University! As our dedicated, enthusiastic teachers bring a creative, hands on experience to your children, so too are we committed to providing you, as your child’s first teachers, with as many opportunities as possible to learn about our mission to educate the whole child and your part in it. That’s where Journey School Parent University (JSPU) comes in.

JSPU is about educating the whole family. It’s about parents exploring and discovering:

  • How to bridge home and school
  • Waldorf education’s philosophy and methods
  • How to become a more effective and happy parent
  • Your artistic side!

And guess what? You don’t need to take any exams or send your last school’s transcripts to enroll. You are already enrolled since you are parents of Journey School.

Through Journey School’s Parent University offerings you will receive a ‘whole education’ along with your children. You’ll be engaged in all kinds of new learning during which you get to hammer metal, knit, think, find new ways to parent, dig in the earth, plant seeds, draw, sing, cook, and be rejuvenated.

Types of classes that are offered through Parent University include:

  • Head, Heart and Hands parenting courses with Tammra Tanner
  • Evening courses and discussion groups about Waldorf education and parenting with guest speakers
  • Saturday morning intensives with our Earthroots friends and Eco-literacy teachers and parent volunteers
  • Hands-on artistic classes and Saturday Workshops offered through our on-campus The Oak and the Acorn store.
  • Kindergarten parent enrichment offered by the Kindergarten teacher team

We are so excited to share these parent offerings with you. Please feel free to email me with any suggestions, comments or questions.

Most sincerely,

Shelley Kelley
Journey School Education Director