Lottery FAQ’s

Why do you hold a lottery?

  • As a public charter school, if we have more applicants than spaces available, we are mandated to hold a public lottery.
  • California Charter Law says that a lottery must be fair, equitable & non-discriminatory.
  • Allowable preferences currently include:
    • Continuing students
    • Siblings
    • In-District applicants

Do we have to go through the lottery every year?

  • Continuously enrolled students are guaranteed a spot each year if all re-enrollment requirements met.
  • Once a child is placed on a wait list, he/she may remain on the wait list for the entire academic school year for which they are applying. The school reserves the right to change wait list policies and procedures at any time.
  • If you are offered a space in a class and you decline the spot, your child will be removed from the wait list.
  • Wait lists do not carry over from year to year.  All wait listed applicants must complete a new application each year if they wish to apply for subsequent years.

What determines which grade my child will be placed in?

  • Journey School adheres to a strict age-based model for determining a child’s grade placement, and therefore, children are placed in grades automatically based on their date of birth. Since Journey’s age guidelines are different than traditional schools, a child may need to repeat a grade in order to align with Journey’s developmentally-based educational model. Click here for the 2017-18 Grade Placement by Date of Birth Guidelines.

What happens if my child is offered space following the lottery?

  • If offered a seat, you must secure the seat within 5 days of the offer or beginning August 1st, offered seats must be secured within 48 hours of the offer. To secure a seat, you must visit your online parent portal, confirm your acceptance, and complete necessary forms.
  • Once your spot is confirmed, you will be invited to an Orientation meeting that you will be required to attend with your child.
  • You must attend your orientation meeting in order to proceed with our enrollment process.

If my child is placed in a class, when will I find out which class he/she will be placed in?

  • Families will be contacted with class and teacher information during the month of August.