What happens to Waldorf school graduates?

It’s natural for parents to wonder about life after Journey School and how successful Waldorf school graduates are in higher education and beyond. A Research Bulletin entitled Standing Out Without Standing Alone: Profile of Waldorf School Graduates encapsulates the results of the comprehensive Survey of Waldorf Graduates, Phase II. The statistics in this study reflect the 90 year track record of the independent Waldorf schools of North America. Both the Research Bulletin and full survey are authored by Douglas Gerwin and David Mitchell of the Research Institute on Waldorf Education.

Main Points of the Research Bulletin:

  • Reveals 3 predominant characteristics shared by a majority of Waldorf graduates
  • Lists where students are getting their college degrees and what courses of study they tend to pursue
  • Shares comments from professors about their Waldorf-educated undergraduate students
  • Offers a sampling, not only of career choices after students graduate from college, but what aspects of their work life do they value
  • In all areas, it appears that “Waldorf graduates are more likely than not to put the needs of others ahead of their own
  • Delves into graduates social interaction and relationships, as well as asking whether they would send their own children to a Waldorf school
  • The last page of the report shares a Profile of a Waldorf Graduate using words such as “ethical,” “self-reliant,” “life-long learning,” and “tolerance”

Read the Full Survey
For those interested in reading the full survey, it “is comprised of twelve major sections including statistical comparisons of Waldorf school graduates to the general U.S. population and differences between recent and older graduates. A series of appendices lists colleges attended by Waldorf graduates and collates hundreds of comments by professors who have taught Waldorf alumni/ae.”

Addressing the Journey School Parent Survey results
In February 2012, Journey School families responded to a parent survey. The results were clear: Over 95% of our parents are here for a strong Waldorf education. Many parents, according to the survey, requested qualitative and quantitative data showing that Waldorf AND Journey work — so they can more effectively tell the Journey story to friends and family. ┬áIn the coming weeks, we will strive to tell alumni stories and gather reliable data.