Journey School 8th Grade Projects to be presented May 8-11, 2017

We are thrilled to announce this year’s 8th Grade Project Presentations schedule: Monday, May 8th 5:30 – Sammi: “Thoughts & the Power of Positive Thinking” 6:00 – Mia: “Lettering” 6:30 – Brandon: “Bouldering” 7:00 – Julia: “Eco-friendly Home Design” 7:30 – Ella: “Happiness” 8:00 – Hailey: “Veganism” Tuesday, May 9th 5:30 – Calvin: “Making an […]

Journey School’s Little Free Library

You may have noticed a new and colorful addition to Journey’s Native Garden.  Journey School Parent, Lindsey, shares the story behind the “Little Free Library” below: We were first introduced to the Little Free Library through my niece, Coco. She maintained one on the front yard of her home.  She was an avid reader and […]

Imaginative Phonemic Awareness in First Grade

Through fairy tales and stories, First Grade students are introduced to each letter of the alphabet. Instead of abstract symbols, the letters, along with their sounds, become real characters with whom the children develop relationships. Miss Murphy’s class recently gathered to hear a story of the letter S; they learned of Six Swans, who are […]

A Look at Handwork in Grade One

Journey School Handwork Teacher, Amanda Hammond, teaches a first grade student a two needle cast-on in order to begin a knitted case for his flute. Miss Amanda shares her work: “Starting with browns, to represent the soil of the earth, students work upward through the colors of the forest, the oceans and rivers, and the […]

A Message from Patti Connolly in Zanzibar

June 2016 Salamu (Greetings) from the Creative Education Foundation of Zanzibar (CEFZ)! As Journey School’s year ends I wanted to share with you a few highlights from my seven weeks of mentoring at CEFZ while Tim took over as full-time Education Director at Journey…. This little four-year-old Waldorf school, on the island Unguja off the […]