Digital Citizenship in 6th Grade

What is digital citizenship?  
YouTube. iTunes. Twitter. Facebook. Club Penguin.  
The digital citizenship question is answered in Journey School’s CyberCivics™ program. Even with the media policies that Journey School has in place, your child is likely familiar with some of the above due simply to the culture they are growing up in. Digital media and technology is evolving at a dizzying pace, bringing with it extraordinary opportunities as well as real risks for our children.

On the positive side, young people are using the immense power of the Internet and mobile technology to create, connect, explore and learn in ways never before imagined.

On the negative side, harmful behaviors aided by digital technology, from cyberbullying to digital cheating, are surfacing in schools and in homes across the country. Young people face ethical challenges daily, without a road map to guide them. And many of us – public and Waldorf parents and teachers alike – are struggling with how to help our children thrive in this brave new world.

See Diana Graber’s CyberWise Guide to Digital Citizenship (


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Photo credit: The Pradhan Studios