Cyber Civics: Digital Citizenship in 6th Grade

One of our key goals is to stop focusing quite so much on ‘do kids have computers in the classroom’ and start focusing more on ‘do kids have the basic social skills and cultural competencies so that when they do get computers they can participate fully?’

-Erin Reilly, USC Project New Media Literacies

Year 1 of our Cyber Civics curriculum, designed for 6th grade, focuses entirely on “Digital Citizenship” or “the norms of appropriate responsible behavior with regard to technology use.”

This year is packed with peer-to-peer learning activities that call on critical thinking, ethical discussion and decision making through hands-on projects, problem solving, and role-play, all surrounding the topic of “digital citizenship.” It grew out of published, academic research. This year can be taught entirely without technology. That’s because experts widely agree that the most important new media skills are social and behavioral skills.

To see an overview of the curriculum, please see the Cyber Civics website.

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