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TYLER – Class of 2011

KATIE – Class of 2011

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  • Humboldt State University
  • Stanford University
  • Gap Year in Italy
  • Orange Coast College
  • University of New England
  • Vassar College
  • San Francisco State University
  • Paul Mitchell Cosmetology School
  • Wellesley College


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My Journey Days (Read at 8th Grade Graduation Ceremony 2012)

Shaheer adapted one of his family’s favorite poems to read at the 8th grade graduation ceremony. It’s meant to reflect how graduates might look back upon their time at Journey in their older years.

My Journey Days can I forget?
To this I answer “Never.”

Her ties once formed shall never break

For they endure forever.


They bare me back to days of youth,

To childhood, and its beauty.

When I before the sage of truth,

Sought wisdom for life’s duty.


The sands of time have trickled through

My life’s hourglass.

And seasons past have marked me with

Silver crown and wrinkled mask.


Amongst the treasure chest of memories

I’ve collected each and every year,

Thoughts of friends at Journey School

Still bring laughter and a tear.


I think of Sam who often wore

Many caps upon his head

And played the uke he made himself,

And funny things he said


And Danny’s wisps of golden hair

Blowing in the breeze

His voice, his smile, his magic fingers

Played guitars with ease


And our sweet songbird Zoe

How her voice took such flight

She stirred our soul and delighted ears

Creating a world so bright


Santana, quiet and thoughtful

Conquered his biggest fear

And the arachnophobia we all shared

Was quelled by our noble peer


Cyreine, so aptly named

Gave Journey a water solution

Her mulch basin became such a hit

Starting a conservation revolution


Our dear Dutch friend Magnus,

Blessed with big brains and brawn

His futuristic car designs

Now cruise the streets at dawn


Brave, bold Juliet

Whose determination and might

Helped her calm headstrong horses

And crusade for what is right


Chandler and his three-legged robot

Had the crowds doubled over and roaring

He kept us laughing at times

When we might have otherwise been snoring.


Conscientious Rachel 

Whose passion for learning led her way

Taught us how to design a room

And bring characters to life through play


Connor’s tales of triumph are legendary

Like his poise on the pitcher’s mound

And his flying machine that kept going

After repeatedly crashing to the ground


Millie with a heart of a champion

moved like a rocket on a bike

but would stop in her tracks to say a kind word

to everyone’s  delight


Emily’s [L.] grace

Always on full display

She danced for us up on her toes

Warming our hearts with her smile every day


And in soft spoken Reed

Came a young man of great reflection

Who played the drums with heart and soul

A perfect musical selection


His sister Rachel, joined him in year eight

A person of warmth and compassion sublime

Reminding us that true friends

Come at their own perfect time


Talented Emily [S.]

Whose stunning voice puts us in a trance

Energized and entertained us

With her “Ice Ice Baby” Dance


Nick’s turbo powered skateboard

Raced across campus like a shooting star

Proving when creativity meets smarts

Ideas launch that can take you far


Wyatt designed a wave tank

That explained surfers delight

His quiet confidence and intelligence

Especially to those who know him, beams very bright


Mya paddled with strength and courage

to the land of distant shores,

Enchanting dolphins in her wake

Staying steadfast in her course


Creative, Problem-Solver Noah

Inventor of the one-eyed mechanical claw

Showed us out-of-the-box thinking

And playing chess nearly without a flaw


Easy going Jayden,

Always smiling with wily wit

Daredevil of the biking trails

Who knows not how to quit


Young Christof crafted a paddleboard

to weather stormy seas

The sun broke through and smiled upon him

Bringing renewed strength and possibility


My Journey Days can I forget?

To this I answer “Never.”

Her ties once formed shall never break

For they endure forever.