Employment Opportunities for Outstanding Educators

Applications are now being accepted for the following positions for the current 2017-18 school year:

  • Main Class Teacher beginning in March 2018.
  • Music Teacher beginning in March 2018.

Please send inquiries and resumes to Gavin Keller at gavin@journeyschool.net.

Journey School is also accepting applications for the 2018-19 school year.

For a complete list of positions available please visit our page at www.edjoin.org

Main Class Teacher qualifications include:

  • Valid CA Teaching Credential
  • Waldorf Certification
  • Strong teaching track record with a minimum of two years in the classroom
  • A high joy-factor and energy level
  • Innovative, curious, imaginative, and generous nature
  • Emotional maturity and professionalism
  • Initiative and integrity
  • Relentless drive for excellence
  • Submit letters of intent, resumes, and other documents online—fill out faculty application below

Compensation: The Full Time Salary Schedule (below) is based upon qualifications and salary history.

Questions about qualifications, scope of work, hours, compensation, and the application process should be directed to School Director, Gavin Keller.

Interested candidates are invited to read these documents thoroughly before applying:

To apply: Submit a completed Faculty Employment Application, resume, two professional letters of recommendation from school leaders who observed your teaching, university transcripts, credentials, certifications,  and questions to gavin@journeyschool.net.

Please do not apply for employment if you are not a team player, proactive, and ready to give your best 10 out of 10 days.

Faculty Employment Application Instructions: Click here to download our Faculty Employment Application.  This form can be viewed and printed with Adobe Reader.  To save a copy of your completed application, and/or email it to Journey School, the latest free version of Adobe Reader is required.  Click here to download Adobe Reader XI >> http://get.adobe.com/reader/.