Journey Alumni: Ellinoa

As a tot, Ellinoa attended an independent Waldorf nursery and kindergarten in her own home. She was also home schooled from grades 1-3.  In the 4th Grade, Ellinoa joined Miss Bennett’s lead class at Journey.  Ellinoa remained with us for five years, graduating from the 8th grade back in 2008.

Time sure does fly. Ellinoa just graduated early from Canyon Crest Academy in January 2012. Currently, Ellinoa is taking 10 credits at Mira Costa Community College (Psychology, Statistics, and Sculpture) and will head off to Humboldt State University in the fall.  We recently asked Ellie to reflect upon her experience at Journey.  Here is Ellinoa in her own words:

“Journey School holds for each child an individual opportunity to flourish in a safe and accepting familial community.  The ties between the students and teacher are not ones of a fleeting grade, the structure allows for the child and teacher to grow in an eight-year path they embark upon together.

Through the different stages of a child’s life the class is a support system of trust, fostering the qualities of friendship and confidence.  These characteristics are essential for the entire span of one’s life, allowing on developing a self-assurance that naturally leads to fulfillment in the adult realm.

Educationally, Journey provides a unique experience that academically, creatively, physically and mentally challenges the child.  In a country that values individualism so highly, our public school education system has blatantly disregarded this ideology.  Fitting children into a mold has become the norm, and distributing state wide, impersonal curriculums leads to the dehumanization of the child.  The amount of standardized testing among out school systems is fundamentally appalling.

As an 8th grade graduate of Journey School I was desperate to enter the “real world” and attend a school with more than 15 in the graduating class.  Yet, as I graduate high school I look back with sincere gratefulness that my parents drove the extra mile (and by that I mean over 50 miles) to provide me with a public Waldorf education.  I could not have asked for a more compelling, supportive and heartfelt experience.  Journey School prepared me to problem-solve, to create, and to innovate.  Journey honed the characteristics of patience, respect and acceptance in each of its students, and I continue to value the high moral code practiced at Journey.

Each individual at Journey is treasured for who they are, regardless of race, sexual orientation, intelligence, economic status, and physical appearance.  During my time at Journey I never felt the pressure of other’s judgment, in fact I felt the opposite.  Journey allowed me to genuinely express myself, through art, through song, and even through my different colored striped knee high socks.  The essence of Waldorf education lies in valuing the child as a unique being and holding the art of acceptance close to one’s heart.”

Check the blog tomorrow to read about Ellinoa’s younger sister, Sophie.