Creative Writer Looks Towards a Future in Science – Alumni Megan

If you swing by the Journey School office this summer you may just run into our new volunteer assistant, Megan—Journey School alumnus from the Class of 2011!  According to Megan, “I got so much out of Journey School that I felt inspired to give back to the school.”

Like numerous Journey School alumni, Megan just completed her freshman year at the Orange County High School of the Arts (OCHSA).  We’re very proud of Megan as she carried a 4.0 GPA throughout the entire year in spite of taking many rigorous courses, including:  Spanish I, Geometry, Health, Geography, Biology (Honors), Literature & Composition I (Honors) and Ballroom Dancing I

Megan is a member of the Creative Writing Conservatory at OCHSA and thus specialized in authoring her own work, including:  screenwriting, non-fiction pieces, and creative short stories.  A favorite story she wrote is called, “Fox, Dogs, and Ice” which features a strong, resilient young woman who lives in the woods due to her self-reliance and inner strength.

Megan is already registered and excited about the courses she will take during her sophomore year:  AP World History, Chemistry (Honors), Algebra II, Literature & Composition II (Honors), Ballroom Dancing II, and Spanish II.

When we asked Megan if there is a particular field that interests her she stated, “I am inspired by our world and the more we’re learning about it.  I want to become a “Scientist” to explore the “depths.”

As Megan reflects on her time at Journey School she is very grateful for our community—which she considers, “A second family.”  According to Megan, “Journey School is my community and I just want to give back to it because I received so much.  It taught me responsibility and how to work hard but not at stressed levels.  I also learned how to get along with others, including those I did not especially like sometimes. I love this place.”

When we specifically asked Megan how we can improve even more she said it’s important that students learn to research and write lots of essays independently.