After School Opportunities

Update: New sessions started in November for Monday’s Ceramics Class and Wednesday’s Artist in Me Class. Sign up directly with the providers.

Journey School facilitates these after school opportunities, we do not manage them; each provider is entirely responsible for all aspects of the class.

Please contact the providers with questions andĀ for the most update-to-date information.

Circus Arts Miss Joy Monday 3:00-5:00 1 thru 8 Click here
Games Camps: Archery, Basketball, Volleyball Miss Joy Click here for dates 3:00-5:00 6, 7, 8 Click here
Little Acorns Miss Tammra M, T, Th, F 12:40-3:00 Kindy only Click here
Make It Club Miss Sylvia M, T & Th 3:00-4:30 1 thru 8 Click here
Never Bored Board Games & More Mr. Storm M, T & F 3:00-5:30 1 thru 8 Click here
Ceramics “New Session Starts 11/2”
Miss Collins Monday 3:15-4:30 2 thru 8 Click here
Guitar Mr. Billy Monday & Wednesday M)3-4pm/W)1-2pm 4 thru 8 Click here
Yoga Miss Elisabeth Tuesday 3:00-4:30 1 thru 6 Click here
Artist in Me “November Crafts & Gifts”
Miss Tania & Miss Amanda Wednesday 12:40-3:10 K thru 8 Click here
Chess Academic Chess Academy Wednesday 12:35-1:35 1 thru 8 Click here
Fiddle Club Mrs. Poth Thursday 3:15-4:30 4 thru 8 Contact Ms. Poth
Choir Mrs. Pitts Thursday 3:10-5:00 4 thru 8 Click here