Frequently Asked Questions (from Parents)


The Journey School Board adopted a new policy intended to keep Journey children with life-threatening allergies physically and emotionally safe. Click here to read more on this policy.


Direct communication lines are the vehicles that Journey School uses to foster understanding and to resolve conflicts as they arise. These pathways form a structure and process that encourages parties who have concerns or who are involved in a conflict to reach either resolution or agree to disagree. The administrative staff will be able to help you know to whom to speak to concerning a specific question or concern. They look forward to supporting you and the faculty.

If you have…

General Questions concerning daily operations, policy or procedural issues, events, committee work, carpooling, etc., ask the Assistant Director (Gavin) or Registration Specialist (Shoon). They can help direct you to the appropriate person since parent and teacher committees handle many of the support functions of the school.

Questions concerning your child, talk to your child’s teacher first. We feel that healthy, open communication between parent and teacher is essential for your child’s educational experience. If you need to relay a message to the teacher, sending a simple note with your child is best. In the event that the message requires dialogue, communicate directly with the teacher after school, send an email or leave a message at the office to schedule an appointment. Although a teacher’s phone number may be listed in the class directories, we respectfully request that courtesy be given to the teacher’s home life. Ask yourself if the matter can wait until the next school day. If yes, please do so. If you feel that your question has not been addressed to your satisfaction please speak with the Assistant Director (Gavin).

Questions related to educational issues such as curriculum, teaching methods, classroom management, and teacher-student relationships, speak to the Assistant Director (Gavin) or Executive Director (Shaheer).

Questions concerning enrollment, school newsletter, afterschool programs, address these to the Enrollment Specialist (Kris).

Questions pertaining to legal or financial issues are taken to the Executive Director (Shaheer), Business Specialist (Cindy) or the Journey School Council. Contacting your class Parent Cabinet Representative to the Council is the first step to contacting the Council.

Questions regarding Capistrano Unified School District, speak to the Executive Director (Shaheer) or Assistant Director (Gavin).