Eating Healthy

Nurturing our bodies as well as our minds and spirits is important at Journey School.  Meals and snacks eaten at school provide additional opportunities to acknowledge our appreciation for the natural world.  For example, snacks prepared in Kindergarten offer wholesome ingredients and encourage reverence for healthy bodies and a healthy earth.  Families are encouraged to support this philosophy at home by following these guidelines:

  • Send snacks, lunches, and celebration treats to school that use wholesome ingredients, fruits and vegetables (organic if possible), and as little processed sugar as possible.
  • Gum, candy, soda, juices, as well as other unhealthy foods are not allowed.
  • Please pack only water for your child to drink at school.  Drinking fountains and purified water are also available at school.
  • The avoidance of commercialism and excessive food packaging is another aspect of our commitment to environmental consciousness.  Please try to send snacks and lunches in reusable containers with reusable utensils.  Lunch baskets or boxes should also be void of media-commercial images.  We request cloth napkins.

We are collecting tips for Zero Waste packing of snacks and lunches to learn from parents.

From Ruth:

  1. Wrap a cut apple in a cloth napkin.
  2. Reuse a plastic container like a sour cream container to pack a “snack bowl” with a variety of snacks like crackers, nuts, dried fruit, cut cheese, dried meat or seeds all mixed in together.
  3. Don’t buy packaged granola bars, make your own and add to your “snack bowl.”

From Yalanda:

We use PlanetBox and Green Lunchbox w/ stainless steel bottles and utensils. For snacks on the go, we use mason jars of all shapes and sizes. Our next step is trading in the use-once-paper-napkins for cloth napkins for lunch and home. I’m so inspired by the planet conscious families at Journey.  Feels good to be here!  :)

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