Close the Gap Pledge Program

Journey School is tuition-free and donation dependent. State funding alone does not cover the cost of a public Waldorf education.

“Close the Gap” is a voluntary but critical parent pledge program that addresses the gap between public funding and the per student cost of our educational program.

Last school year, over 70% of Journey families have contributed over $100,000.  Although your participation is not required, our goal is for every family to give within their means this school year.

Your hard earned dollars allow us to offer children educational benefits that are typically reserved for the private sector, such as:

  • Small class sizes
  • A curriculum infused with art and music
  • Exceptional field trips
  • Foreign language, differentiated math, hands-on science, handwork and PE/games
  • And so much more

To read more about the importance of Close-the-Gap click here. To submit a one-time Close-the-Gap parent donation through our secure online gateway, please click below: