Imaginative Phonemic Awareness in First Grade

Through fairy tales and stories, First Grade students are introduced to each letter of the alphabet. Instead of abstract symbols, the letters, along with their sounds, become real characters with whom the children develop relationships.

Miss Murphy’s class recently gathered to hear a story of the letter S; they learned of Six Swans, who are really enchanted princes.
Chalkboard Art in Grade 1
To break the curse, their brave sister must go six years without laughing or speaking. It is during this time that she meets and marries a mighty King, who brings the letter K.
Chalkboard Drawing of King in Grade 1
The spell is broken and the couple live happily for a while. The King rules over the land and still spends time with the beautiful swans who protect the forest. One day, the king becomes troubled because he has too much work and needs his helper. After going on a long journey to see a wise woman, he decides to make his palace Cat his helper. This is how children meet the letter C.
Letter C in Chalkboard Art
Some time later, the swans in the forest run into a similar problem, and so the king sends the Cat’s sister to be their helper as well. This is why the letter C is so helpful. Like the identical cats, we cannot tell them apart by looking. But when the C’s speak in their mighty voices, we can hear whether it is the King’s helper or the Swan’s helper who is present in our word.

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