Digital Literacy – CyberCivics™

Journey School’s digital media class is receiving national attention! The National Association for Media Literacy Education’s Journal of Media Literacy Education just published a wonderful article that celebrates the successes we are having in our digital literacy program. Read the article: New Media Literacy Education: A Developmental Approach (PDF).

Digital Citizenship (6th Grade)

Information and Resource Literacy (7th Grade)

Media Literacy (8th Grade)

Importance of Teaching Digital Citizenship

Journey School is in its 4th year of its pioneering Cyber Civics program. This program was initiated in 2010-11 to address a growing need to prepare our students to leave Journey School equipped with the skills to be ethical, confident and empowered digital citizens.

Cyber Civics is an upper grade curriculum.  In sixth grade, the class’s weekly “Civics” lesson is transformed into “CyberCivics.” The program  expanded to 6th, 7th and 8th grades as follows: digital citizenship (6th grade), information and research literacy (7th grade), and media literacy & employing the “tools” (8th grade).

  • Much of our curricular material is adapted from Common Sense Media. In fact, this organization features Journey School’s program on their website.
  • Journey School is also featured on the USC Project New Media Literacies website.
  • Diana Graber’s CyberCivics blog chronicles many of the lessons taught at Journey.
  • The research paper that spawned the Journey School program will be featured in the February 2012 issue of JMLE (Journal of Media Literacy Education). It was a finalist for the emerging scholar award in 2011.

Read this ongoing blog about CyberCivics™ at Journey School on iKeepSafe’s website.

Why is it crucial to teach Media Literacy and CyberCivics™?

About the Instructor

Diana Graber has an extensive background as a producer and marketer of media, including film, video, television, print, and special events. She is co-owner of Graber Productions, an Emmy award-winning film and video production company. Together with her husband, Michael, she has produced numerous sports, adventure, and educational documentary films and television programs and series since 1993.

Diana is also co-founder of CyberWise, a Learning Hub that helps busy parents and educators become digitally literate. Launched in the Summer 2011, CyberWise was a Stage 2 winner of the MacArthur Foundation/HASTAC/Mozilla Digital Media and Learning Competition designed to find and fund the most innovative uses of new media in support of connected learning. Diana has a B.A. in Communications Studies from UCLA and an M.A. in Media Psychology and Social Change from UCLA/Fielding Graduate University.

She was recently a finalist for the NAMLE Research Emerging Scholar Award for her research on New Media Literacy Education, which was featured in the Journey of Media Literacy Education (JAMLE). She also serves on the programming committee for NAMLE (National Association of Media Literacy Education) and is on the board of a nonprofit organization, Wheels4Life.

If you are interested in purchasing the CyberCivics™ curriculum for your school, please visit the CyberWise website.

Photo credit: The Pradhan Studios