Digital Literacy – CyberCivics™

Journey School’s digital media program addresses a growing and urgent need to prepare our students to leave Journey School equipped with the skills to be ethical, confident and empowered digital citizens.

OC Tech Alliance and Project Tomorrow

This program is receiving national attention!

-       It is a Finalist for Project Tomorrow’s “2014 Innovation in Education Awards.” Project Tomorrow, the nation’s leading nonprofit group focused on science, math and technology education, and the OC Tech Alliance have been recognizing outstanding education programs, educators and students for their innovative uses of science, math and technology with this award since 2006.

-       Cyber Civics was recently featured by Al Jazeera on “America Tonight.”

-       It is the topic research published in the National Association for Media Literacy Education’s Journal of Media Literacy Education: New Media Literacy Education: A Developmental Approach (PDF).

Journey School is celebrating its fifth year of being a pioneer in digital literacy education. Join us on Oct. 10-11 to learn how and why to implement Cyber Civics™ at your own school by attending our upcoming workshop.

Visit the following pages for an overview of the program:

Digital Citizenship (6th Grade)

Information and Resource Literacy (7th Grade)

Media Literacy (8th Grade)

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Importance of Teaching Digital Citizenship

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