Journey Alumni: Grace

Grace is a proud member of the first Journey School class. She attended Journey for a total of eight years—two years of Kindergarten through Grade Six.  Since junior high was not available at Journey for this pioneering class, Grace attended La Paz Middle School followed by four years at Mission High School.

It’s hard to believe that Grace is now a sophomore at Chico State Univeristy—where she specializes in Communications and Public Affairs.  Grace has managed an approximate GPA of 3.5 while also leading a full, balanced life.  Grace is a kickboxing instructor at the Chico State Recreation Center.  She also showed herself artistically as a freshman by joining the Expressions Dance Team.  Grace remains a leader amongst her peers—serving as Director of Social Enrichment for her sorority.

What Grace loved most about Journey School were the open-minded instructors, creative curriculum, time in nature, and the many festivals which helped her come of age in healthy ways—including:  class plays, Medieval Games, and the Pentathlon. Grace feels strongly that these rites of passages are important for students and is glad to know about Journey School’s Compassionate Campus Program since she recalls how many students need social help getting through middle school.

Since this year’s Pentathlon Games are right around the corner, we thought it would be a kick to show Grace in 5th Grade preparing to launch her javelin.

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