Journey School Lunch Program

Journey School has partnered with hot lunch provider,  The Lunch MOB, a local start-up company that is currently serving 12 Orange County schools. The Lunch MOB meals are made fresh daily with the highest quality ingredients, organic where possible, and with no preservatives or artificial ingredients. Nutrition facts are available for every item on the menu.

Some of the benefits The Lunch MOB provides are:

  • Quality and nutritious meals for your kids. The Lunch MOB offers an exceptional variety of high quality, made-from-scratch, nutritious meals that everyone can be proud of. All natural ingredients, and they are bringing in more organics, too.
  • Hot and cold lunches. Entrees that are mindful of your child’s dietary sensitivities and allergies: gluten-free, diary-free, vegetarian, nut-free*. (* although the menu is nut-free, the facility in which the lunches are made is not guaranteed to be nut-free)
  • Easy and Convenient for Parents. Busy and on-the-go parents can have peace of mind knowing that your school has a reliable lunch service alternative from which they can order easily through our website or through our Mobile App.
  • Giving Back. For every meal that is purchased, The Lunch MOB will donate part of their proceeds to back to Journey School. The more meals purchased, the more our school benefits.

To order lunch for your child, create an account on the The Lunch MOB website and use code: JRNYSCL to sign up.

  1. Once you’ve registered, you’ll be directed to the My Account page, and will also receive a welcome e-mail that contains your automatically generated password. If you desire a password change, please first log out and then log in using your username/e-mail and the automatically generated password in the welcome e-mail. When you get to the My Account page, you can click on “edit your password and account details” to change your password.
  2. You’re almost ready to start ordering, but before you can, you must add your children’s information. To do this, go to the pull down menu My Account and select Manage People. Click on Add Person which will take you to a form page for you to fill out your children’s first name, last name, school code (which is JRNYSCL), Classroom, Grade Level, birth dates, and Type (select either Faculty or Student).
  3. Once you’ve completed adding your children, your now ready to order. Click on Lunch Menu, select your child’s name, and you’ll be taken to the Order Form where you can click on any day and select any item that is available. An easy to ready pdf version of our calendar menus are also available for download by clicking on the hyperlinks. Please note our ordering deadline which is 12pm 2 days prior to the day of service. After this deadline, the lunch selections will be limited. Emergency lunches are also available.
  4. BUY MORE LUNCHES AND SAVE! Yes, you can get up to 15% off your entire order the more lunch orders you place.
  5. Please see The Lunch MOB Information Flyer for more details.

Here are a few things we want you to know before ordering:

  1. The Lunch MOB offers beverages for an extra fee, however, we ask that parents please do not order beverages for your child on our “water only” campus. All classrooms are equipped with water for children to fill their own water bottles.
  2. The Lunch MOB offers nutritious entrees and sides; however, several “snacks” offered at an additional fee do not meet our nutritional guidelines. We ask that you choose snacks wisely and in the best interest of your child’s health.
  3. Lunch orders must be placed 2 days in advance. Emergency lunches are available on the morning of delivery for an extra fee.
  4. We encourage families to make use of The Lunch MOB’s discounts for bulk orders. To make the most of the discount, order 25+ meals at a time and receive 15% off your order.
  5. Due to early release, The Lunch MOB will not be serving on Wednesdays, although this is subject to change if there is a demand.

Now you’re ready to order!