Parent Partnership Agreements

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Enrollment in Journey School is a choice to participate in a unique approach to learning and lifestyle with strong core values. This commitment requires a healthy working partnership between the school and every parent. As partners, we agree to the following:

The School Will:

  • Provide a safe, positive, nurturing learning environment and program with an excellent team of educators.
  • Respect all community members.
  • Keep parents informed of their children’s learning progress.
  • Provide continuing parent development opportunities.
  • Solicit needed and appropriate parent involvement in school and classroom activities.
  • Follow the school’s guidelines for open, direct communication.
  • Work together with each other, parents and students to solve concerns.
  • Provide teachers with professional development and mentoring, thus striving for excellence and self-improvement.

Parents Will:

  • Assure their child regularly attends the full day, only missing due to emergency or illness.
  • Drop off and pick up on time—repeated tardies are not acceptable.
  • Follow the school’s guidelines for open, direct communication.
  • Work together with teachers, administration, and other parents to solve concerns.

The School Strongly Encourages Parents To:

  • Read the School Handbook and follow the school’s policies, procedures, and practices; including the policies concerning snack and lunch expectations, media, homework, and dress code.
  • Attend parent events or festivals, conferences, class and community meetings.
  • Provide a home life for their child that supports the school’s philosophy, including
    a rhythmic daily and weekly schedule, adequate sleep, a nutritious diet, minimal or no electronic media exposure as per the media guidelines, and positive discipline.
  • Volunteer at the school, with the goal being a minimum of 5 hours per month on average.
  • Participate in the school’s “Close the Gap” program to what ever the degree they are financially able so that the school can provide a full Waldorf-inspired program for all students.